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International Women of Excellence (IWE) is a non-profit organisation committed to helping professional women realise their full potential in the corporate world. It is both cross-company and cross-sector. We bring women together through bespoke workshops, events, and via our on-line community, facilitating effective networking and professional development.

IWE welcomes the support and active participation of companies that believe the full utilisation of a talent pool which includes both men and women is at the heart of competitive advantage and economic success.

What We Offer

For Professional Women - the opportunity to benefit from a sharing of knowledge and experience across companies and sectors, as well as between peers and high achievers. We facilitate networking, skill building and leadership development to enable career advancement.

For Companies - the opportunity to complement in-house talent programmes with a unique learning experience for high potential women. We provide the channels for sharing ideas and effective strategies with like minded multinational corporations.

What We Do

Through a unique combination of Workshops, ‘Hot-topic’ events, Forums and Newsletters we enable access to leading-edge thinking on the subjects that matter most. Together with our online community, our event programme brings inspiration, motivation and collaboration to support female career aspirations.


What are we

A unique facility for talented women from a wide range of roles, backgrounds, nationalities and cultures to come together to be encouraged, empowered and enabled to be the best they can be.

Join Us

The opportunity to become Sponsor or Corporate Member of IWE is available to companies who share our vision and wish to participate in and benefit from our activities. Please contact us here for more information

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